KIIROO Onyx+ Interactive Male Masturbator

Our review of the Onyx+ by KIIROO. This interactive male masturbator is one of a kind.

2021-03-03 1 min read

The Onyx+ by KIROO is a remarkable device. What sets this one apart from the rest is its ability to sync with other KIROO devices and be controlled by your partner remotely. The device also connects to compatible interactive videos, VR videos, and interactive chat rooms. With no need to stroke this device, prepare to be blown away. There is no action required by yourself, so you can be 100% focused on receiving pleasure unlike models that require stroking. It is if someone else is in the room with you. Couple this product with VR glasses and it will look as if someone else is in the room as well. For the best experience, we recommend a quality set of VR glasses and engaging in a virtual session on content can sync to the Onyx+ to make you feel what is happening in the video. It's an unreal experience.

The Onyx+ moves in a continuous up and down motion to simulate intercourse. With a quicker stroke speed and quieter motor than its predecessors, it is truly a step up.

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