The Autoblow AI replicates blowjobs like no other

The worlds greatest blow job simulation device is the Autoblow AI

2021-03-03 1 min read

For a device that replicates a blowjob, the Autoblow AI is where it's at. This device was designed specifically for blowjob simulation, and boy oh boy, it does not disappoint. Autoblow AI's predecessors were great products, but this one is leaps and bounds superior with it's AI technology. What is the AI technology? The AI technology is how the modes the device is capable of referred to as blowjob experiences were created. These experiences were developed based on the use of AI to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos. The analysis was able to put the majority of real-life blowjobs into 9 distinct categories. These were then replicated in the software of the Autoblow AI to recreate actual blowjobs. Each of the 9 blowjob experiences are unique in that they concentrate on different areas of the penis. All of which are great experiences by themselves. Now, the Autoblow AI has 10 modes. The Autoblow AI's 10th surprise mode is a game changer. It performs each of the 9 blowjob experiences at random. It is simply amazing because you have no idea what you will be in for next. You just don't know what to expect, and it really stimulates your mind for an off the charts orgasm. With the randomness, no two sessions are the same, making each use is a unique experience. 

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